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Blessed is those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (Jesus-words)


Restoration and Cleaning
Professional Tombstone Restoration & Cleaning Services


Upstate Memorial Care is a professional tombstone restoration & cleaning company dedicated to the preservation and care of monuments, memorials, bronze markers & plaques. Under our care your monuments and memorials will be well kept and maintained ensuring them a long life without the need for any expensive restoration services down the road.

Memorials are built to focus attention on a place, event, life or milestone. They can honor the life of someone who has passed, commemorate a fallen soldier or serve as a reminder of a significant point in time. Memorials are erected to help keep history alive, it is important that we do our part by visiting and caring for these important cultural icons.

Overtime an unkempt memorial will break down and fall victim to the elements. Air, moisture, minerals, industrial pollutants, bird droppings, acid rain, salt, dirt, and dust all work together to slowly degrade our memorials, monuments and bronze plaques. Weathered, stained and broken memorials imply that they were neglected and unimportant. A memorial once meant to be a symbol of honor and acknowledgment becomes a remnant of its past, something ignored and often forgotten. This is what will happen to all memorials unless a proactive approach is taken.

It is a lot easier and less expensive to preserve a memorial than it is to restore a memorial. Regular maintenance and care should be scheduled for any new memorial, bronze plaque or monument. Depending on the memorial, with anywhere from one to a few scheduled cleanings a year, you can curtail the damaging effects of the environment. Giving you a beautiful, enduring memorial to visit, honor and reflect upon.

General Pricing for Our Restoration & Cleaning Services:

Stone cleaning / starting at: $75.00

Monument cleaning / starting at: $75.00

Stone repair / Estimate

Bronze refinishing / starting at: $100.00

Monument leveling / starting at: $300.00

Monument installation / starting at: $100.00

New foundations and leveling / starting at: $100.00

Engraving highlight / starting at: $125.00

Concrete foundations / starting at: $200.00

Something You Should Know...

Most cemeteries are only responsible for the general ground maintenance but do not tend to the gravestone cleaning or preservation. It is the responsibility of the owner to either clean the memorials regularly or let them deteriorate over time.

You may not always be able to visit or tend to the gravesites of your loved ones passed, however we can be there for you. Ensuring that your loved ones gravesites will be well maintained preserving the longevity of the stones and providing a peaceful, clean and welcoming gravesite for visitors.

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